Spirited Seniors

Top Row: Neveah Gray, Ariahna Advincula
Second Row: Sabine Tovar, Riley Hernandez, Samantha Simpson
Top Row: Neveah Gray, Ariahna Advincula Second Row: Sabine Tovar, Riley Hernandez, Samantha Simpson
Danny Nguyen

With the 2023-2024 Football season starting, pep rallies are a way to get the student body hyped to watch the Hornets swarm to victory. The first pep rally was hosted in the Varsity Gym last Friday, September 1. The Class of 2024 kicked off the season with winning the spirit stick.

“I think the seniors will win the spirit stick majority of the times because of tradition,” Class President Linda Liu said. “There are definitely classes that are louder, but they have a few hundred more students than us, and we’ve experienced a lot more like college applications and standardized testing. We’re definitely ready to leave.” 

At the end of each pep rally, each grade level gets a chance to be loud and show their school spirit, and the Seniors were serious about expressing their Hornet pride,

“My favorite part of the pep rally when Mrs. Smith, the head counselor, asks every class to make some noise,” said Class Treasurer Kyle Xu. “I love how hyped we get popping confetti and rushing onto the court.”

When there is a home football game, there is a corresponding pep rally. The next pep rally themes are Whiteout/Lights Out, Barbie, and Fiesta. The Hornets are excited to have fun dressing up and uniting with each class. 

“I’m looking forward for the fiesta theme the most,” said Class Historian Danny Nguyen. “It would be really interesting because of how colorful the culture is.” Meanwhile Xu said that “I’m looking forward to the Barbie pep rally, so I can channel my inner Simu Liu and dress up as him.”

From attending pep rallies from freshman year, the seniors can definitely look back on how these school spirit activities have added to the fun high school has to offer. 

“As a freshman it can be overwhelming. Pep rallies are exciting and loud, but you get used to it.” Liu said. “Being a senior, I’d say it’s bittersweet. I’ve been able to balance academics while also finding time to have fun and cherish these years.”

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