Flour Bluff NJROTC Marches Into State Qualifier

Izabella Perez and Isabella Skinner

While everyone was at home enjoying their day, Flour Bluff NJROTC students went to their first State Qualifier on October 1. With the results in, Flour Bluff placed first overall and qualified for the Area Ten State Championships. 


The armed drill team, the Flour Bluff SeaDevils, swept the competition and came in first in regulation drill and exhibition drill. The unarmed drill team, the Flour Bluff SeaHawks, came in fifth in regulation drill and third in exhibition drill. The academics team, the Flour Bluff SeaMonkeys, came in second overall with an overall test score of 125. The Varsity Male Color Guard came in first, while the Freshman Male Color Guard stacked up to 11th place out of 13 varsity teams. The SeaHornets varsity inspection team came in second overall.


The Physical Training/Fitness team, the Flour Bluff SeaPhantoms, came in first place for push-ups—Mia Deleon and Hannah Holbrooks tied for the highest female number, 43, and Allan Ramirez had the highest male number, 87. For the curl-up portion of the physical training competition, Flour Bluff came in first overall—Izabella Perez had the highest female number, 146,  and Jacob Cisneros had the highest male number, 280. In the 8×100 shuttle run, Flour Bluff came in 10th with a time of 1:59.


Flour Bluff has shown that they can overcome struggles and still come out on top. With these results, Flour Bluff has reserved its slot for the Area Ten NJROTC State Championship.