Cafeteria Food: Best and Worst


The FBISD sloppy Joe fresh out of the kitchen on the Styrofoam tray provided.

Isabella Skinner, Editor

It’s no secret that Flour Bluff Independent School District’s school lunches are circling around social media and making a splash. The Flour Bluff ISD Nutrition Facebook page has over 1,000 followers. However, even the best restaurants have their unpopular dishes. The Waldron Street Journal Staff interviewed Flour Bluff High School students to ask for their opinions on what their favorite–and least favorite–meals on the FBISD menu were.

Freshman Virginia Flake commented that the mozzarella sticks were her favorite because “They cook it well” and “the cheese really ties it together”. She also stated that her least favorite dish was the sloppy Joe.

Freshman Ava Gomez says her favorite dish on the school lunch menu is the broccoli cheese soup because “it’s really good” and “it’s better quality”. She also says her least favorite meal on the school lunch menu is the corn dog nuggets because “they’re scary”. 

Sophomore Lyndsi Poe says that her favorite food on the menu is also the mozzarella sticks because “they’re really good” and stated that she and her friend have a tradition where they open up the mozzarella sticks and see who has more cheese between the two of them. Her least favorite item is the fish because she doesn’t like fish.

An issue that many students have with the lunch menu is the school’s decision to use styrofoam to-go containers instead of the red plastic trays provided in the cafeteria. The reasoning for this is that while styrofoam is more efficient for the staff, the waste is harmful to the environment. The water used to clean the trays would be a renewable resource.

 If you would like to find out when your favorite dish is being served, click here for the breakfast and lunch menu. Different lunches are served every day so hurry or you might miss it.