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    Ritchie enjoys an energy drink and recharges at the beach.
    Ritchie enjoys an energy drink and recharges at the beach.

    Inspired by her kindergarten teacher, Tracey Ritchie was able to reach her dream of teaching. Going on 2 decades of her career, the love she has of learning and being creative stays strong. She has been in FBISD for 17 years and is in her 3rd year at the high school. 

    “I loved teaching junior high; however, I was ready for something new,” Ritchie said. “One of the coolest things that happened when I moved up to the high school was that I got to teach seniors who I had previously taught in 8th grade.”

    Pursuing her dream allowed her to continue to learn and explore creativity. Having the honor to get to know her students set up making a positive impact in this world one student at a time. 

    “The students are fun, unpredictable, energetic, and a little snarky,” Ritchie said. “Every day is a new adventure; no two classes are ever the same. They keep me on my toes.”

    Over the years, many students have shared kind words about how Tracey Ritchie helped them and made a difference in their lives. 

    “I find it very comforting to know that I made a positive impact on someone’s life,” she said. “My students make a big difference in my life.”

    In addition to teaching, she has been a mosaic artist for 10 years. Creating pelicans and beach scenes sparks her interest. Her work is currently displayed at the Rockport Gallery. 

    “I love the beach, it’s my happy place,” she said. “As soon as I drive onto the sand and hear the waves rushing to shore, I feel my angst and worry fade away.” 

    Patience, understanding, and interaction are important to Tracey Ritchie. 

    “Being a teacher has made me a better person since it taught me to look at the person, not the behavior,” she said. “That philosophy has enabled me to see into the hearts of my students and get a sense of who they are as human beings.”

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