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Jonathan Gain

Jonathan Gain is known around the school for being a source of happiness and optimism. Gain teaches Methods of Academic and Personal Success. Everyone acknowledges that he is a great teacher. Surprisingly, his desire to teach came from not being acknowledged as a student. “I used to have deep sadness when I was younger and most teachers never took the time to check on me even though I wore the same clothes, had duct-taped shoes, and had obvious emotional problems,” said Gain. 

He didn’t let this crush his spirit and turned around his misfortune into motivation. “I want to be a light in the darkness for others and I want everybody, whether it be in the school or outside of the school, to feel like they are seen. Teaching also helps me realize how much I have and gives me a sense of purpose in this world. I want to leave the world a little bit better than when I entered it and I hope to help many more people in the future. If you are sad, you need to find a purpose because a purpose gives hope,” said Gain. 

Gain’s motivation turned into a passion for teaching as he went on to help many students throughout the years. “I would have to say [my favorite thing about teaching is] the connection with the students that lasts for years beyond their graduation. I still keep in touch with students who I taught 13 years ago and they give me a sense of fulfillment. I also love seeing students realize their potential. When you see someone fail every class their freshman year but they grow and get all A’s for their sophomore through senior year, it makes you feel as if you helped make the world a little bit better,” said Gain.

Teaching isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and can be very trying when faced with opposition. “The hardest thing about teaching is trying to motivate students. There are more and more students who don’t seem to care and it is tough watching them not use their potential. It is also difficult having to learn a subject to teach it to students,” said Gain. 

Along with being a role model to students in his classes, Gain loves to run. He ran a 31-mile race on November 11. In his free time, he also reads motivational books. 

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