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Sarah Laza

Professional Communications teacher Sarah Laza continues to share her love of learning with her students in her ongoing 11th year at FBISD. Teaching has its ups and downs, but sticking with her goals along with the support of her students and family makes learning worthwhile.

“I didn’t get into teaching, teaching got into me,” Laza said. “It wasn’t my choice, it was a calling.”

Growing up, Laza’s experience with her education was a rough road. As a teacher, she makes sure that her students have a smoother experience than she did.

“I got into education because I wanted to help students become lifelong learners,” Laza said. “Learning isn’t just for four years of high school, but the rest of life.”

To Laza, being in the classroom all day and spending time with her students is the best part of her career.

“I love hanging out with kids all day,” she said. “It doesn’t get better than that, I get to be a big kid and having fun.”

She doesn’t just view her communication students as is, but she makes sure to get to know her students well, along with their thoughts and feelings.

“I love seeing the lightbulbs from my kids, making connections, and building relationships,” she said. “I like to see my students thrive in this safe, nurturing environment.”

The hard parts of teaching can be setting boundaries, and if you have a big heart like Laza, not being able to act on witnessing students going through rough times in their lives.

“I take care of my students, that sometimes it’s really hard to not see them be successful,” she said. “It’s difficult to not be able to help those who you really want to.”

Outside of teaching, Laza has other hobbies and ways to spend her free time. To her, family is important, and she visits family members when time allows her to.

“My daughter Delaney now lives in San Antonio, and I still support her by going up to watch the UTSA games,” Laza said. “I also have a butterfly garden, and I try to grow milkweeds to help the Monarch butterfly population out.” 

Spreading her love of learning can leave a lasting impact on all of her current and past students. Many students remember her for her involvement in their classroom environment and the effort she puts in every day to ensure success for future leaders. 

“I love it when students come back to me later on,” Laza said. “Seeing the people they mold into and the different careers gives me a feeling of accomplishment.”

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