Early Childhood Center Librarian Brings Book Vending Machine to Flour Bluff ISD


Photo credit: Kelli Floyd

A'yanna Brown, Staff Writer

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS⸺It can be a challenge to get kids, especially young kids, to follow rules. Well, at the Flour Bluff Early Childhood Center, this is beginning to change all thanks to one unique idea. The school has created a system where the kids can earn coins and redeem them at a book vending machine to make following the school rules a lot more rewarding for the kids.

“I am active in many online groups for elementary libraries. These groups share lessons, ideas, and advice. I saw the vending machine at another school in another state and immediately began researching it,” Kelli Floyd, the librarian who worked to obtain the vending machine, said.

Floyd also believes that the vending machine will benefit the students because “All students need a goal to work towards. Having this flashy vending machine in the school, that they walk by daily, keeps them working towards that goal.”

Floyd and the faculty at the ECC have noticed how the coin system at the school is having a positive effect on the students.

“If you ask any student at the ECC how to earn a golden token for the machine, they will tell you: Be safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. The ECC staff can remind all students what goal they are working towards and help to build a sense of community. At lunch you will hear staff members reminding students to follow the school expectations to earn a golden token for the vending machine,” said Floyd.

Floyd believes that vending machines like this should be distributed across all schools.

“Every campus could benefit from a book vending machine. It is a golden opportunity to increase the love of reading while being rewarded for following expectations and being a role model.”

While getting every child to follow rules can still be a challenge, the reward of an interesting new book is helping students set and achieve goals, while also benefiting and building their literacy skills and fostering a love for reading.