Flour Bluff Theater Production Earns Standing Ovation


A'yanna Brown, Staff Writer

On Nov. 4 and 5, Flour Bluff High School’s theater department featured their first play of the year, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Flour Bluff theater staff had been working on the play since September and, as a result, had a lot to say about the play’s production.

“We had time limitations in productions. . . we had a big number of kids who, while very helpful, were at the same time sometimes hard to always manage,” said junior Alexis Adame, who played the role of the narrator.

However, even with these issues, Adame was still very happy with how the overall play turned out. “I have to say the best scene, in my opinion, would be the opening scene where all the characters were introduced by the narrator.”

Personal favorite scene aside, Adame was also excited to see how the audience would react to the play.

“One thing I was excited for the audience to see was how cast members would pop up from the audience’s seats and reveal that they were really part of the play,” said Adame.

The audience’s enjoyment could be felt in the auditorium after giving the theater cast and crew members a standing ovation after the show.

“I really enjoyed how everyone in character stayed in character throughout the entire play,” said junior Jade Carranza. This reaction just goes to show that the Flour Bluff theater department’s hard work paid off and that there are many who are happily waiting to see their next play.