No Pain, No Gain


Kritika Adhikari, WSJ Staff Writer

Sophomore Madison Sutterfield (Tyler Bills)

The Caller-Times announced sophomore Madison Sutterfield as Athlete of The Week for the week of March 28 to April 3. She was recognized for her achievements in the 800, 1600, and 3200 meter running events. 

“As time went on in the meet, more and more pressure was put on me,” Sutterfield said. “Each race that I won, I felt as if I still had to push a little more to be a 3 time district champion.”

Sutterfield was excited at the news of her recognition in the Caller Times. 

“I felt so glad to see that all my hard work as an athlete was going to be shown,” she said. 

Before a meet, Sutterfield prepares by hydrating as much as possible and carb loading. She explains that the goal for a whole season is to prepare for district, region, and state. 

Her favorite thing about track is making her opponents wish they had never walked on the track that day.

The best feeling is to be running with an opponent and pass them, so they just give up.

— Madison Sutterfield


Sutterfield said that the team is all very supportive of one another. 

“The best feeling for most of my teammates is when we cheer for each other,” she said. “Just by saying ‘good job’ or ‘you’re killing it.’ We also help eachother’s nerves before a race.”

Through her time in track, Sutterfield has learned many things.
“Push yourself harder than you think you can push,” she said. “You’re stronger than you think, and pain is temporary.” 

Outside of school, she trains at home and pushes herself especially during off season. Sutterfield said it’s important to do some extra work to be great at running. 

Though she has faced some tough times in her sport, she has never thought about quitting. In fact, some of her biggest support comes from her family. 

“What keeps me motivated the most is my mom and dad,” she said. “They make me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.” 

Her new goal for track is to hit a 5 minute mile, and she previously aspired to finish a season undefeated. So far, she has only lost one race in the season and got second in the 800. 

Sutterfield gives advice to those interested in pursuing similar goals. 

“As my dad has always told me, if you have given everything you have on the track, then you are the true winner,” she said.