A Dazzling Dance to Remember


Caroline Halliburton

Students in the Hornet Ballroom enjoy dancing with friends at the homecoming dance.

Makenna Bumstead and Caroline Halliburton, FBHS Media Staff

This year’s homecoming dance was one for the books. It was held in the Hornet Ballroom, AKA the school cafeteria, on October 12th and hosted by Flour Bluff Student Council.  Mr.Steagall, the student council advisor, worked with his team for weeks to put together the perfect dance. All of their hard work paid off as hundreds of kids filled the dance floor. In total, the student body raised about $8,000. The profits will go to student council, special projects, and people in the area. Eventually, homecoming will hopefully be held at a venue off campus but as of now it will remain in the cafeteria due to costs. Mr.Steagall was very happy about the turnout, “This was possibly the most successful homecoming yet.”

FBHS sophomore Marin Cox says her homecoming was very fun and exceeded her expectations. Her favorite part was being able to come out of her shell and dance like nobody’s watching. She and all her friends went off to “Sweet Caroline” and made an unforgettable memory. To prepare for the dance she got ready with her friends and listened to some jams. Marin gained so much from this experience as she says, “ I danced the night away with my new friends.”

FBHS sophomore, Ben Escamilla says this year’s homecoming was “very interesting” and had a lot more people than last year, better punch, and was a lot hotter than usual. To prepare for the dance, he showered, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and put on cologne for the ladies. His favorite part was when he was lifted into the air for a crowd surfing experience of a lifetime. He gained soreness and new friends. Ben says “ If I could go everyday, I so would.”