Broadcasting a Path to Sports Media

Flour Bluff Sports Information Youtube Channel

Caleb Griffis , Editor

The Flour Bluff Sports Information program is a student-led organization that broadcasts many Flour Bluff athletic events, including football games, basketball games, soccer games, and baseball games. The program also covers the games on social media (Instagram and Twitter) as well as provide photography for many athletic events, which can be purchased through the program’s partnership with TSS Photography.

“It’s an amazing program that helps students prepare for the sports media world,” said Xavier Pon, a founding member, and former sports commentator for Flour Bluff Sports Information.

Four years ago, the Sports Information program first began to take shape. Originally an idea of coach Chris Steinbruck, the school began to delve into sports media.

“Sports Media is not really technically journalism or yearbook,” said Pon. “It’s its own thing.”

Originally the program would broadcast football games, and post them an hour after the game ended. The program started off rough, but the foundation was there.

“It was very undeveloped, but thanks to Coach Steinbruck, he built the program, he set the building blocks,” said Dallas Ritchey, a founding member, and former camera operator for Flour Bluff Sports Information.

Over the next four years, the program would grow and continuously improve, whether that be through equipment upgrades or learning the craft.

“The biggest development we got was getting Terry Shannon, from Sports Media Corpus Christi, and that partnership. He helped get us actual broadcast equipment that they use in the pros as well as teaching us experience and how to become better,” said Pon.

The program is still relatively new, only being started a little over four years ago, so the future is bright.

“I think the program is just going to continue on as it is. Better equipment, better commentators, more outreach for people, you know? Twitter, Instagram is gonna be even bigger, I think we’re just onto bigger things in the future. Evolving as we go,” said Koby Barrera, a former sports commentator for Flour Bluff Sports Information.

The Sports Information program is all about learning, whether you have plenty of experience, or have none at all, there’s a spot for you in the program. Even the most experienced members of the program have had less-than-perfect moments.

“I have had a lot of quotable clips.” said Pon, “Of course the regional final game, where I was on call for the final play. I kinda just broke out going “Flour Bluff wins, Flour Bluff wins!”, and I also did that during the Moody game.”

The program serves a bridge between Hornet Athletics and media and provides something so few other schools do.

“I would say for anyone coming into high school, or even in high school, freshman, sophomores or juniors, who are going to be here next year, get in the program. I know a lot of people who have been here for about 3 years who would say, man I’m already here, I don’t have any ties to the program, why would I get in so late? I hope they’d look at me and say “Well that guy did it.” I was here as a senior, I wasn’t here for four years like these guys. So no matter where you are in high school, or if you’re a junior high student coming into high school, get into this program.” said Barrera.

Any student interested in joining the program should talk to Bob Chapman, who currently teaches the class and oversees the program. 

“It’s a really cool program because most of the things we do are completely student-led,” said Mr. Chapman.

The Sports Information program is state recognized and has broadcasted to over 5,000 concurrent viewers at its highest point. The program broadcasted the first official Flour Bluff football game against the Boerne Greyhounds on August 25th. The program will broadcast all regular season football games throughout this school year, and many home games for other sports. Any student interested in joining the program should talk to Mr. Chapman, who currently teaches the class and runs the program.