Challenging the Odds

Challenging the Odds

Genevieve Eisele, WSJ Staff Writer

Challenging the Odds

Do you enjoy competitions, where you get to compete against other schools? Do you love trivia games that really put you and your brain to the test? If so, I’d recommend checking out the Flour Bluff Challenge Team!

Fifteen years ago, students faced off in a single elimination game of trivia. It wasn’t long until this became the basis for the Challenge Team.

Now, Mrs. Huckabee runs the school’s own team, where Flour Bluff students take the time to do basic trivia in order to compete in tournaments. They mainly focus on subjects such as geography and history.

The organization is open to anybody who wishes to join, which she strongly encourages kids to do. Not only are you learning new things and putting that information to use, but you’re also doing it with others around you who enjoy doing the very same thing.

I think that they’re doing something they all enjoy together, which makes it special.

— Mrs. Beth Huckabee

The first competition kicks off in August, which our own team took place in. However, even though they lost, that isn’t deterring them from anything. The Flour Bluff students on the team are already preparing to bring their A game to the competitions next year!

When asked what makes this program so beneficial for the students involved in it, Mrs. Huckabee went on to say that she thinks it’s really just about the practices and how much the students enjoy them.

“They sit together and ask each other trivia questions, and I think that they’re doing something they all enjoy together, which makes it special.”

Mrs. Huckabee enjoys the practices just as much as the students, because they know that at the end of the day, it’s not necessarily about winning the tournament (as fun as it may be). Rather, it’s about how much fun they have together at the practices, and knowing each other well enough to know how they can improve for next year,

The Challenge Team is open to any and all who wish to join, so if you need something to add a little bit of extra flavor to your school nights, or if you just really enjoy trivia games, the Flour Bluff Challenge Team might just be the thing for you.