Constructing a New Chapter for Flour Bluff


Hope Nguyen & Samantha Wright, Staff Reporters

Hammers striking to the rhythm, saws grating on impressionable lumber, and the students, all geared up to start their cedar-lined assignments. Welcome to the new era of Flour Bluff. As what is described as a “dope class” by 11th grader Izaak Martinez, construction teaches kids about the basics of the craft, while paving the way for students wishing to pursue it as a career later in life. 

Our community depends on these skills and the life-skills that come along with it.”

Geometry teacher, Mr. Taylor, recently put his compass aside and donned his hard hat and hammer, ready to lay the foundation of his newest project. Located in room 503, the former IT room, a bright future awaits the students. There are no prerequisites for the class, meaning all grade levels can take the course. However, the instructor Mr. Taylor hopes for more levels of construction classes as the program continues. 


Cadyn Martinez, 10th grade, recommends this class to those wanting to pursue this career. “I think of it as a head start,” Martinez states. Similarly, Izaak Martinez expresses what he wants to accomplish while taking this class. “I hope to get further educated in welding to get my degree.”


With the hurricane season underway, construction is a vital part of our community. Other schools — including Del Mar College — are offering free carpentry training to provide to the increasing demand of construction workers during this time. According to the Caller Times, the dean of Continuing Education and Off-Campus Programs, Leonard Rivera, praises the project stating, “This is an opportunity for Coastal Bend residents to take advantage of the industrial growth happening in the area and get a viable career out of it.” 


Construction is more than just a fun class. It is the start of building a life for yourself and future generations. Our community depends on these skills and the life-skills that come along with it. The world of construction is evolving. Be part of the change. Talk to Mr. Taylor in room 503 if you are interested in more information, and stay tuned for the follow-up article.