Soles for Souls

St. Andrew by the Sea’s youth group gives back to students in need at FBISD.


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Shopping and selecting shoes is the best part for the youth.”

— Cheryl Hooper


Soles for Souls

Soles for Souls is a service project that began six years ago to help students at Flour Bluff ISD who were in need of a new pair of shoes. The need came to the attention of FB parent, Cheryl Hooper, Director of Religious Education at St. Andrew by the Sea Catholic Church, one day when she observed a student receive a pair of shoes from the elementary school nurse. 

According to Mrs. Hooper, “the student was overjoyed!” She began talking to the nurse after the student left to find out that when they could, the schools try to provide students in need with shoes. 

With this inspiration in mind, she went to the St. Andrew by the Sea Youth Group and shared what she had seen at the elementary school. 

The youth, most of whom attend Flour Bluff High School, immediately decided to hold a Soles for Souls  bake sale as a fundraiser to purchase shoes for students in need. That year, with the money they raised, they were able to purchase 75 pairs of shoes from Academy. 

Since then, every two years a designated youth coordinator heads up the Soles for Souls project. This year, Colton Hooper, a 9th grader at FBHS, has been selected as coordinator. Under his direction, the youth group held their annual bake sale and raised over $5,800 through generous donations from the parishioners and visitors at St. Andrew by the Sea Catholic Church. 

This project has truly inspired the youth to help their fellow students in need at Flour Bluff ISD. Even though it is hard work, the youth have gained a sense of pride in their accomplishment. One of the best parts for them, according to Mrs. Hooper is, “shopping, and selecting the shoes for the students.” 

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, they delivered 194 pairs of shoes and socks to FBISD! But, they aren’t done yet! Next week they will have about 30 more pairs to deliver. Way to go!