Teeing Off the Golf Season


Charlie King

Jaymim DeLafuente, senior , studying his plan of attack for putting.

Genevieve Eisele, Kryshawn Darden, and Hope Nguyen, FBHS Media Staff


The Flour Bluff Varsity golf team hosted and competed  at the Gulf Winds Golf Course at NAS Corpus Christi on October 11 & 12th. This would be the fourth year in a row the  Flour Bluff team competed and hosted this tournament on the base, but this year they weren’t alone. Joining them in the competition were other schools including Ray, Gregory-Portland, Tuloso-Midway, Moody, Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Calallen, Victoria East, and Victoria West.

Coach Rodgers thinks the team started off wonderfully this year, taking both the Boys and Girls Championships at their tournament. He’s thrilled to be working with these kids throughout the year, seeing as he loves “sharing the game and what it represents in terms of character and integrity.” Team member Jamin De La Fuente proudly says, “Coach Rodgers is an amazing coach. Over the years he has become like a family member. Always talks me through my struggles and brings out the best in me.” However, he knows that the team has to improve and prepare further throughout the rest of the year.

The weather played a huge role in the tournament, starting about 10 holes into the game. There were 30 mph winds and the possibility of rain, which just barely missed them. The players found it a huge relief because it was hot out with a lot of humidity; but thankfully, it didn’t seem to affect the scores. “Overall, the weather has a huge impact on the tournament, but it’s our job as the golfer to adjust and still play high level golf,” said De La Fuente.