People go crazy for fake holiday

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People go crazy for fake holiday

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Valentine’s Day really shouldn’t be celebrated as a real holiday.

A holiday is a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event. Since people don’t get time off work or school, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t even be considered an actual holiday.

Normally, people are expected to get something for their friends or loved ones, and it’s not really fair to expect someone to get something unless it’s Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary. Not everyone has the creativity or money to buy or make something for Valentine’s Day.

The whole day just seems like a giant scam that companies use to get money from people who don’t want to, or can’t make their own gifts. During the month of February, the prices of candy and flowers are ridiculously high and they’re not lowered until after the holiday. After Valentine’s Day, the price for chocolates go down by 50 percent or more. It’s like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but for friends and or loved ones.

Many students and faculty members find the excessive public displays of affection that tend to happen during Valentine’s Day detestable. Many couples randomly start making out and acting really affectionate in public places without thinking twice about their surroundings. It’s insensitive because there are some people who are trying to get somewhere, but can’t due to an affectionate couple blocking the walkway.

There are also individuals that have never dated anyone and are disgusted by the sight of a couple’s excessive affection. It’s fine for people to show some love and affection towards their boyfriend or girlfriend, but there is an appropriate time and place for that.

Again, it shouldn’t be considered a holiday like many other people think. The definition of a holiday is a special day of celebration during which schools and businesses are often closed. Valentine’s Day is more like an event or occasion than a holiday. Some examples of real holidays would be New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If people don’t have a day off of work or school for Valentine’s Day, it is not a holiday. A solution to this problem would be to stop companies from raising the prices for candy, flowers, and cards in February. Another solution would be to remove Valentine’s Day from calendars.

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