Football team starts off strong

Coach says offensive line became main catalyst early in season

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Football team starts off strong

Senior Taggert Peel runs routes at practice on Aug. 16. Peel is one of the wide receivers.

Senior Taggert Peel runs routes at practice on Aug. 16. Peel is one of the wide receivers.

Photo by Hannah Spitzer

Senior Taggert Peel runs routes at practice on Aug. 16. Peel is one of the wide receivers.

Photo by Hannah Spitzer

Photo by Hannah Spitzer

Senior Taggert Peel runs routes at practice on Aug. 16. Peel is one of the wide receivers.

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The wait for football season was finally over when the team faced off against Victoria East on Sept. 9, and came out with a 35-17 victory.

Due to Hurricane Harvey, the game against Vista Ridge was cancelled. The team also missed out on some practices, but with a season-opening win, things seem to be back on track.

Coach Chris Steinbruck, who is entering his 16th season with Flour Bluff, said the offensive line has proven to be the team’s greatest strength so far this year. All of the line’s starters, with the exception of Richard Vagas who’s now playing for Texas A&M-Kingsville, are returning this season. The team also has a new lineman from Pennsylvania in senior James Bagnell. They were already skilled, but have been able to improve even more this summer.

“They went to every lineman challenge and were here every day for our structured conditioning program,” Steinbruck said.

The varsity team also has a new player under center this year in junior Braden Sherron. Sherron was starting quarterback for junior varsity last season, but now he’s making the adjustment to varsity.

“This offseason, Braden has worked on his arm strength. He’s worked really hard this summer to improve. He’s extremely accurate and has been in our system for a long time,” Steinbruck said.
Sherron is a much different quarterback than last year’s starter Jaeger Bull, who signed with Rice University.

“Our last quarterback’s true position was tight end, so now we’re excited about having someone at the position who’s been playing it since seventh grade,” Steinbruck said.

The goal to win at all costs remains the same and the coaching staff is taking strides to put the team in the best position to flourish.

On the defensive side of the ball, senior defensive end John Pedrotti said he and the rest of the defense believe they have a solid plan for success and are focusing on encouraging one another. He has been playing football for many years, and has enjoyed every moment.

“I like the family aspect that goes along with being part of this team. I’ve been working with most of the same people and we are a close group that can depend on each other for pretty much anything,” he said.

Pedrotti said he understands some of the areas he can improve upon.

“I can probably have better intensity. I try to go as hard as I can at most times, but I notice sometimes it lacks when I get tired so I need to work on keeping it up,” he said.

On August 14, the team started practicing twice on Mondays and Wednesdays. The first four days of practice is called the acclimation period, when the team doesn’t wear pads. Steinbruck believes this schedule gives his players more time to get back in the flow of things.

After observing last season, Steinbruck also is targeting areas where he would like to see improvement.

“We need to improve our ball security early in this season. Turnovers were a nemesis for us last year, so we need to minimize those mistakes in order to beat the tough pre-district team,” he said.

Another issue that arose last year was the large number of student-athletes who were ineligible to play at one point or another. This was especially a problem for the incoming freshmen. Steinbruck and the rest of the coaching staff have methods to assist the players if they hit a bump in the road academically.

“We as coaches use the athletic period as a tutorial period as well as advisory,” he said.

This season, the underclassmen will go to advisory on Thursdays and Fridays since most games will be on Wednesdays.

“Some students struggle making the jump from junior high to high school, so we try to help them have a successful academic transition,” he said.

The team’s routine may vary from year to year while preparing for a season, Steinbruck said.

“We usually stay pretty consistent in our approach, but we also try to highlight the ways we can get better. We spend a lot more time in the classroom with character development and team building to help strengthen our bond in the locker room,” Steinbruck said.