Hallway affection bothers students, irks teachers

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Public display of affection is often seen throughout the school, but sometimes the actions of these students bother others.

Some couples just hold hands or give each other really quick hugs in order to be respectful to others.

Sophomore Hannah Spitzer and her boyfriend sophomore Jesse Martinez have been together since the end of their eighth grade year.

Spitzer says they only hold hands throughout the day, keeping their relationship out of the view of the others.

“I know some people don’t care if we’re all lovey dovey, but for those that don’t like it, I don’t want to make them uncomfortable,” Spitzer said.

Teachers normally don’t say anything when couples are holding hands or a quick peck before class but some couples have found places in the hallway that are secluded.

“Teachers are pretty laid back when it comes to PDA,” Martinez said.

These couples seem to not be bothered with the fact they have dozens of other students are around them.

Students in the brick hallway or the 1000 hall have been caught in long embraces.

These areas are out of the teachers views and has a lot of traffic, which allows couples to hide.

“I try to avoid the areas that couples hang out in,” Spitzer said.

Not everyone is bugged by these couples. Some people just ignore them and continue with their day.

“I’m fine with couples chilling in the hallway but there’s a point where they go too far,” Martinez said.

Some students believe jealousy causes their peers to be uncomfortable walking to class in those areas.

Spitzer said teachers should move more into those more secluded areas where the couples are, while Martinez thinks that the monitoring that is in place is fine.