’13 Reasons Why’ Reaches out to Help Others

A new show brings to light topics that aren't normally shown

Kayla Born, Managing Editor

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‘13 Reasons Why’, the 2007 young adult novel by Jay Asher, was adapted to a TV series by Brian Yorkey and began airing on Netflix on March 31. The series has been seen as powerful and beautiful despite the tragedy that unfolds.

The show has been widely debated over the controversy it has caused.

It has been said that it encourages suicide for people in similar situations.

It depicts problems teenagers must face and the realities of what bullying (cyber and in person) can do to someone.

In order to make the events of the show as realistic and authentic as possible and to avoid shying away from certain topics, the producers brought in specialists to help the cast learn more about these topics.

These topics included: bullying, emotional abuse, cyber bullying, rape, self harm, and suicide.

The show is based around Hannah Baker. The events of her life unfold like a domino effect. It starts when she goes on a date with Justin and he makes the mistake of letting Bryce, one of Justin’s close friends, get to his phone.

Towards the end, Hannah says she could have made some different decisions that potentially could’ve saved her own life, but when she weighed her options at the end, she decided that her life wasn’t worth it.

Before certain episodes that may contain harmful content, there are warning labels saying to watch with discretion.

Some students agree that the show should remain on Netflix and believe that if someone doesn’t want to watch it then they shouldn’t click on it.

In ‘13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons,’ the actors, producers, and even health professionals talk about the show and why they chose to participate.

Within that episode Gomez makes the statement that suicide should never be an option and that this show can hopefully help show that.

In other interviews, the cast talks about how they see the show as a learning tool and how their main priority is to bring to light these topics in a way that is accurate and can be learned from.

Hannah’s death clearly affects all the people in her life. Her mom becomes an absolute mess, obsessed with wanting to know the reasons for her daughter’s death, and Clay slowly becomes more courageous with an intent to make her death a meaningful one.

Due to its success the show has been confirmed for a second season and Netflix has released five plot points that hint at what the next season will be based on.

Season two will have a different narrator and will show Hannah’s life from some of the other characters points of view, along with tackling loose ends left by the first season.