Letter from the editor: goodbye, seniors

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For most of us seniors, springtime is the beginning of one of the craziest times of our high school life; last minute college acceptances, scholarships, AP exam preparations and summer job searches, among other things. It is around this time that the thought really hits– we are graduating— and that mixture of excitement, anxiety and panic just hits you like a tidal wave.

We walk the halls, wishing we were already out of this building while also half-terrified of leaving the only life we’ve ever known: eight hours of class every day, five days a week, for twelve (plus) years. We’ve built relationships with teachers and complained about our workload and criticized our parents, all while growing up and growing older and making new friends along the way, and now the time has finally, finally come for us to move on and make something of ourselves.

As exciting as it seems, don’t get so swept up with delusions of grandeur for the future that you forget all of the wonderful people– relatives, friends, teachers– who have helped you get where you are today. Stay grounded in this school, even if you already feel like you’re hundreds of miles away, because these last few weeks will be your last taste of high school life.

As the chaos and craziness of testing finally dies down and we get closer and closer to our next pit stop– graduation day– take the time to reflect on your years here instead of thinking about the opportunities awaiting outside of these walls.

I know I have made timeless memories I truly hope will never fade: high school dances and sports games, car rides and late nights out with friends, study groups and anxiety-inducing driving tests and so much more.

To the underclassmen: remember to live in the moment and not take for granted the years you spend in this school. These will be some of the most life-changing, personality-defining years of your life because high school sets the foundation for the kind of person you will become in the future.

Every test, every set-back, every last-minute essay, every late-night studying, every moment will all be worth it once you get to the stage on graduation day and receive the long-awaited diploma that grants you freedom into the world beyond.

Seniors, go into summer with your heads held high, be proud of all your accomplishments, and let your fantasies run wild.

May all your wildest dreams come true.


Your editor-in-chief,

Nikita Adhikari

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